Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Signs of High Cholesterol Patients

High cholesterol is said if you already have 240 mg / dL in the blood. Often symptoms are not felt, but if it is ever increasing symptoms beginning with headaches, numbness, and fatigue. Many people do not understand the importance of recognizing the signs of high cholesterol, they think it is not important, but high cholesterol can be a disastrous start in your life.

Cholesterol is a fatty wax steroid produced in the liver or intestine of the human body. Its function is to produce hormones and cell membranes. Cholesterol is also an important component to form bile acids, steroid hormones, and vitamin D. These benefits can be obtained if the cholesterol in normal doses. If not under normal circumstances, or high cholesterol in the blood can actually damage the arteries and cause heart disease.

Excessive levels of cholesterol cause fatty deposits in blood vessel walls so that it freezes and artery-clogging plaque and eventually cut off blood to the heart. This is what causes it to trigger heart disease and stores.

Detection of high cholesterol are often not aware of can only be ascertained by conducting regular doctor visits. If you are still not aware of with no checks, try to introspect yourself when you are dizzy head and body aches.

These early symptoms arise due to lack of oxygen causes high cholesterol levels make the blockage of blood flow. Even so, not all people with headaches and fatigue can be said to have a tendency to high cholesterol, because it is a common symptom. Things you have to do then is indeed check your cholesterol levels to the doctor to get certainty and get treatment early so that the higher levels.

There is no harm in it go to the doctor? for preventing dangerous diseases caused by high cholesterol is much better than you are indifferent, and eventually you get a sudden heart attack or stroke.

Prices are too expensive because you pay just lazy blood cholesterol levels checked by your doctor!