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12 Foods That Lower Cholesterol Naturally

12 Foods That Lower Cholesterol NaturallyThere are so many ways that Lower Cholesterol Naturally. However, it is better for us to know the cause of the high-cholesterol in the blood circulation. The highest factor, which will increase the high cholesterol in the circulation of our blood, is the food that we have eaten. Moreover, the bad lifestyle like consumes the cigarette, never do exercise also become the factor which will make your cholesterol is increased. There are so many high cholesterol foods to avoid.

The high cholesterol foods to avoid are like eggs, ice cream, fast food, cheese, fried chicken, margarine, sugar, and other foods, which bring the high cholesterol. Those foods are difficult to avoid, however, for getting healthy body, trying to avoid the high-cholesterol food and looking for the Lower Cholesterol Naturally by some foods is really good idea. Here we have 12 lower cholesterol foods that decrease the cholesterol in our blood circulation. We can consume it without worry for less cholesterol in our body.

Foods’ Lists to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

The first Lower Cholesterol Naturally food is the oatmeal. The oatmeal contains the sea fiber that will be able to increase the bad cholesterol in our body and it helps to come out that bad cholesterol from our urine. However, what kind of food is it? Oatmeal can be found in some fruits like the read peanut. We can find in some fruit stores or vegetable store to find lower triglycerides naturally. Banana, an apple, some prunes. It will absorb the high cholesterol from the mound cholesterol in our blood and it will be thrown together with the urine.

The second food to Lower Cholesterol Naturally is red grape. The department of Metabolism and Nutrition in Madrid had researched the benefit of the red grape that this fruit is able to lower the percentage of LDL in blood circulation. The high decreasing is about 9% up to 12%. The high number percentage for decreasing the lower LDL cholesterol naturally in our body, moreover, the high significance of this red grape for cholesterol in our body will be good idea for being the second food, which will make your high cholesterol, is lower.

The third food to Lower Cholesterol Naturally is fish. Not all of fish have the high cholesterol. Moreover, with these fish which have the omega fat acid like the puffing fish, tuna, salmon, and sardine? The high cholesterol also attacks the heart. That is why; much high cholesterol disease becomes the cause of the heart attack. Do not worry about this case, because if you consume these fish, it also decreases the risk of heart attack. It because the omega in the fish which will help you to avoid the freeze blood. You may do the lower cholesterol naturally diet to avoid the high cholesterol.

The fourth is almond. This food is the peanuts relative, which is able to lower the bad cholesterol in our blood circulation. Meanwhile, to consume this almond, we can combine it with some others ingredients to get the maximum result. Some ingredients like the salt and sugars will help the content of the peanuts increased. Moreover, the fifth food, which can be used to Lower Cholesterol Naturally, is the long green beans. Polytechnic University, which is located in Arizona, found that a half cup of soup beans is able to decrease the cholesterol about 8%. This significant decreasing is good news for the disease where they can find this food easily.

The sixth food to Lower Cholesterol Naturally is the black tea. Beside to lower the cholesterol in blood circulation, this drinking also has been used to avoid the cancer. Based on some research, this black tea is able to decrease the high cholesterol naturally about 10% in the short time. It is about 3 weeks. Losing the cholesterol up to 10% only 3 weeks is not easy. That is why this black tea becomes the further object research.

Do you like Avocado? If you like this fruit, then you can get many benefits from this food. One of the benefits is decreasing the high cholesterol in our body. This food becomes the seventh food to Lower Cholesterol Naturally because it is able to increase HDL Cholesterol and decrease the bad cholesterol in our body. It contains the bet-sit sterol, which can be able to absorb the cholesterol. The high calorie and fat of this food is not good if we can consume it over.

The next food to Lower Cholesterol Naturally is olive tree where it is so famous with the great benefit for much illness. It is because anti oxidant of this hydroxytyrosol olive tree can be able to increase the percentage cholesterol. It is so famous in Mediterranean society where the trees coming from. That is why, if we look at the Mediterranean society, we can see that the people there are healthy because this plants has the high vitamin E which is very good for decreasing the high cholesterol in our blood circulation.

Non fat yoghurt is also the next choice which will decrease your high cholesterol. This is kind of the drinking, which is rich of protein, calcium, and lactobacillus microorganism, which is believed, can be able to decrease the cholesterol. The next is many kinds of food and vegetables are also believed to be one of foods that Lower Cholesterol Naturally. It because of the anti oxidant of this food is able to protect the cholesterol in our blood circulation

The eleventh food, which is used to Lower Cholesterol, is soybean includes with some foods like soybean cake or soybean tofu, moreover with the soybean milk where this milk is so delicious to be the drinking water. From some analysis, soybean is able to decrease the high cholesterol in our blood circulation is about 5% up to 6%. The last food is onion. It becomes the flavor when your wife is cooking for your breakfast or your dinner. It is also believed to take care of our heart. Well, be a healthy one is better by choosing the right food to Lower Cholesterol Naturally. More Details About Cholesterol? Please visit

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Signs of High Cholesterol Patients

Signs of High Cholesterol Patients
High cholesterol is said if you already have 240 mg / dL in the blood. Often symptoms are not felt, but if it is ever increasing symptoms beginning with headaches, numbness, and fatigue. Many people do not understand the importance of recognizing the signs of high cholesterol, they think it is not important, but high cholesterol can be a disastrous start in your life.

Cholesterol is a fatty wax steroid produced in the liver or intestine of the human body. Its function is to produce hormones and cell membranes. Cholesterol is also an important component to form bile acids, steroid hormones, and vitamin D. These benefits can be obtained if the cholesterol in normal doses. If not under normal circumstances, or high cholesterol in the blood can actually damage the arteries and cause heart disease.

Excessive levels of cholesterol cause fatty deposits in blood vessel walls so that it freezes and artery-clogging plaque and eventually cut off blood to the heart. This is what causes it to trigger heart disease and stores.

Detection of high cholesterol are often not aware of can only be ascertained by conducting regular doctor visits. If you are still not aware of with no checks, try to introspect yourself when you are dizzy head and body aches.

These early symptoms arise due to lack of oxygen causes high cholesterol levels make the blockage of blood flow. Even so, not all people with headaches and fatigue can be said to have a tendency to high cholesterol, because it is a common symptom. Things you have to do then is indeed check your cholesterol levels to the doctor to get certainty and get treatment early so that the higher levels.

There is no harm in it go to the doctor? for preventing dangerous diseases caused by high cholesterol is much better than you are indifferent, and eventually you get a sudden heart attack or stroke.

Prices are too expensive because you pay just lazy blood cholesterol levels checked by your doctor!